Carnival Sensation

Ship-Hop Hooray!

AHEM, Let me clear my throat…

Our dopest thanks for making Ship-Hop more 90’s than we could have ever have dreamed back in the day! We hope you soaked in the jams, shook it fast, but watched yourself, and can keep that tan, a mighty mighty good tan, for the days and weeks to come.

Those of us here at Ship-Hop HQ know the transition back to the wack-life of modern day can cause a brutal holiday hangover, so we’d like to recommend this recovery routine: 3 morning Tootsie Roll reps, 5 “As If’s” before Noon, and apply fashionable slap bracelets as needed. Follow our orders and you’ll be back to 1990% and ready to shoop again in no time, No Diggity No doubt.

– Your Friends at ASK4 Entertainment